Well, I tell people usually, I’m an acting teacher because that communicates to them what it is, but I consider it, on my own personal level, I consider I’m more of a coach and I say that a lot of times what we’re really doing here is you can’t teach it, you can only coach it and, even though there is some teaching involved, I think the real stuff is more like a coach.

When you’re a coach you’re observing and then you’re responding, you’re saying, you’re’s a doing thing, and the more that you’re allowing the student to do it, and then you’re coaching what they’re doing, the more you’re getting stuff done, rather than sitting back and just critiqueing or teaching: “This is beats, and the actions” and stuff like that. The real work to me comes when you’re getting down to it and saying “Go for that, go get it, go, do that, no that”, you know, “Work harder there, go”, you know, and you’re inspiring and you’re pushing and you’re cajoling and you’re manipulating and you’re doing whatever you can to get them to perform better, because ultimately acting is closer to sport than it is, say, economics.


Great teachers are simply invaluable to those with a desire to learn. They can - and often do - present learning as a privilege and a delight rather than a necessity or a chore. Great teachers are magicians; they can present a world to you that you never knew existed, invite you inside of it, and make you believe in something larger than yourself. Leonard Meenach is such a man. I had the privilege of studying with Leonard for three years, and found myself consistently challenged and inspired in his company. His groundedness and the faith he has in both himself and his students conflates to create an environment of trust and willingness. Unlike many teachers, Leonard knows what each student requires of him and can alter his technique to best fit the student, knowing how to engage truthfully and even push when needed, which is a rare and extraordinary trait. I feel that the time I spent under Leonard's tutelage was nothing but beneficial, and I carry his words and perspectives around with me today. And if that isn't the mark of a great teacher, I don't know what is.

Gyton Grantley, Underbelly

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Leonard introduced me to the craft of acting. I was only 18 years old and quite naïve to the emotional, physical and mental skills required to be truly successful in this career. He worked tirelessly and with such unparalleled passion, that you couldn’t help but embrace it wholly. Leonard’s mission was to bring out the best in me and for all of his students. He truly cared. I owe him a great deal. Leonard has had a great impact and influence on my growth as an actor and I remain grateful to this day.

Daniel Feuerriegel, Days of our Lives, Spartacus